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A Toxics-Free Future

ChemSec launch: The easy and free way for companies to get rid of toxic chemicals in clothes and textiles

Up until now brand owners and other companies in the textile sector had to invest a lot of money in chemical expertise in order to produce toxic free products, an investment that can be hard to motivate, especially for SMEs and start-ups. Now non-profit ChemSec has created the Textile Guide – an online chemical management tool completely free of charge, tailored exclusively for the textile sector.

Chemicals in textiles are a big deal. Especially in a time where more and more customers are demanding to know what's in the product, not to mention that chemical legislation is getting stricter.

– There is a great market opportunity for companies willing to future-proof their production and meet the demands of the 21st century customer. With ChemSec's Textile Guide you get access to a chemical management tool even more advanced than what most of the big multinational brands utilizes, says Jerker Ligthart, Chemical Engineer and Project Manager of the Textile Guide.

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Chemicals in textile production

In short, the Textile Guide is an easy one-two-three step guide to show companies how they can identify problematic chemicals in their production and finished garments, and how to get rid of them. No registration is needed, there are no hidden fees and all Textile Guide users will remain anonymous if they wish.

At the core of the Guide is a searchable database, a "Google for chemicals", containing information on more than 6 500 chemicals. One simple search of the chemical of interest will tell you if it is toxic. All chemical information is scientifically well founded and based on regional legislation (US & EU) as well as several Restricted Substances Lists (RSLs) of multinational brands and textile trade organizations.

The Textile Guide is not limited to searches for chemicals though; it holds many features for a solid chemical management and can help companies prioritize which chemicals and company specific risks they should act on. You can find the guide at


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Contact info

Jerker Ligthart, Textile Guide Project Manager
Phone +46 739 544 467

Peter Pierrou, ChemSec Communications
Phone: +46 739 984 901

ChemSec, a non-profit environmental organisation, is a leading advocate of chemicals policy based on current scientific understanding. Our mission is to substantially reduce the use of hazardous chemicals and its impact on health and the environment. To promote sustainable innovation, we offer guidance and tools for effective chemicals management. In addition, ChemSec works to speed up legislative processes, engage business and act as a catalyst for progressive dialogue and action. Our vision is a world free of hazardous chemicals.