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A Toxics-Free Future

2005 Milestones

  • IPEN completes a global sampling project, known as the “Egg Report,” which produced new data on toxic chemicals in chicken eggs across 17 countries in the Global South and helped re-shape the dioxin emissions debate in the Stockholm Convention.
  • The First Conference of the Parties (COP1) of the Stockholm Convention meets in Uruguay.
  • IPEN convenes a global meeting in Uruguay, prior to COP1 - IPEN’s first meeting with simultaneous translation (English-Spanish), to increase outreach to IPENers in Latin America.
  • IPEN begins participating on the Stockholm Convention’s Persistent Organic Pollutants Review Committee (POPRC) by attending its first meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • IPEN signs a joint communiqué with the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Program to promote NGO POPs projects to be funded by the program.
  • An African Regional SAICM platform, drafted by African IPENers at a meeting in Arusha, Tanzania, is adopted, and contributes to the subsequent African SAICM regional meeting and global SAICM negotiating meeting.
  • An international IPEN meeting is convened in Kenya prior to the second SAICM negotiating meeting.

Bjorn with Egg Report at COP1 Uruguay