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A Toxics-Free Future

2007 Milestones

  • IPEN Regional Hubs conduct assessments about the major chemical safety concerns of the NGOs and CSOs in their regions, surveying over 200 NGOs in over 80 countries.
  • IPEN co-organizes a China Skillshare in Beijing, convening over 50 NGOs from 23 provinces to initiate a Chinese NGO network on environmental health. 
  • The Stockholm Convention Best Available Techniques/Best Environmental Practices Guidelines (including dioxin emissions) are approved by the Conference of the Parties after more than 5 years of expert discussions, including active participation by IPEN representatives.
  • IPEN engages in international discussions on mercury, via the Mercury Open-Ended Working Group meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, to advocate for global action and a process for developing a global mercury tre

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