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A Toxics-Free Future

2010 Milestones

  • IPEN launches the International SAICM Implementation Project (ISIP), supporting small-scale strategic projects through 2012, to advance SAICM goals on the ground.
  • IPEN formally launches its Mercury-Free Campaign, which includes actions and activities such as: the publication of a comprehensive IPEN mercury booklet, “An NGO Introduction to Mercury Pollution,” describing mercury sources, pollution, and harms, which is available in 6 languages; robust IPEN participation at the first mercury treaty negotiating meeting (INC1) in Stockholm; development of an IPEN-Swedish Society for Nature Conservation International Hair report, which outlines the test results of hair sampled (for mercury) from delegates from 40 countries at the INC1. Theresults are released at the meeting; and the launch of an IPEN Mercury-Free website, and inventory of IPENers’ activities on mercury.
  • Dr. Olga Speranskaya, PhD (Russia) is elected to serve as IPEN Co-Chair with Dr. Mariann Lloyd-Smith (Australia). 
  • The United Nations Environment Programme and the World Health Organization begin to formalize actions on eliminating lead in paint and convene the first meeting of the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead in Paint (GAELP), with active participation from IPEN.
  • IPEN Senior Science and Technical Advisor Joe DiGangi is the first author on the first-ever scientific consensus statement on brominated and chlorinated flame retardants, the “San Antonio Statement.” The Statement has profound regulatory implications as it clearly reveals the scientific concerns of 200 leading researchers and scientists from 30 countries about the industry practice of regularly substituting one dangerous chemical for another, and is published in Environmental Health Perspectives.
  • IPEN convenes a global meeting in Kazakhstan, the first IPEN global meeting in the region. Significant outreach is done with IPENers in Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asia, and the meeting is conducted in English and Russian.

IPEN General Assembly, Kazakhstan, 2010