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A Toxics-Free Future


Toxics-Free Rio+20

Rio +20- related documents:

20 June, 2012: IPEN Report-Back on Rio + 20

20 June, 2012: NGO Statement given in Plenary at Rio+20 meeting (given by Leida Rijnhout, ANPED)

June, 2012: “The future we want from Rio+20 and ICCM3,” by Dr. Mariann Lloyd-Smith, IPEN Senior Advisor, Chemical Watch, page 24.

May 2012: Living in a pollution-free world is a basic human right,” by Dr. Mariann Lloyd-Smith, IPEN Senior Advisor. Own the Edge, NGO Major Group Organizing Partners Rio + 20 newlsletter.

26 March, 2012: IPEN joins partners to sign-on to an open letter to the UNCSD Secretary General about “Rights at Risk” at the UN, due to attempts by certain countries to weaken, bracket or outright eliminate nearly all references to human rights obligations and equity principles in the text, ‘The Future We Want’, for the outcome of Rio+20.

February 2012: IPEN Text Recommendations and Supporting Rationale for “The Future We Want”

February 2012: PAN Rio + 20 Recommendations on Chemical-free Sustainable Agriculture

January 2012: IPEN Recommendations to Zero Draft Chemicals & Waste Section

18 November, 2011: IPEN intervention on Rio + 20 at the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management’s (SAICM’s) 1st Open-ended Working Group , Belgrade, Serbia, 15-18 November 2011

18 November, 2011: Intervención de Rio + 20 a nombre de IPEN en la reunión
del SAICM en Belgrado, Serbia, 18 Nov 2011

1 November, 2011: IPEN Zero Draft Submission

1 November, 2011: Предложения IPEN к нулевому проекту итогового документа “Рио+20″, июнь 2012г.

November 2011: PAN Asia & Pacific contribution to Rio + 20 Zero Draft

Educational Guides & Info from Pesticide Action Network:

Mariann, Eduardo and Vital

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