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Actions at INC1

Once in Sweden, IPEN representatives carried out two important actions to raise awareness about mercury contamination.

Hair Sampling

Hair sampling INC1With the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, IPEN carried out hair sampling of government delegates and other INC1 participants to test for mercury levels.

Negotiators from 40 countries were tested, and mercury levels between 93 ug/kg and 2956 ug/kg were found. More than one-third of the samples exceeded the US National Research Council mercury reference dose of 1000 ug/kg. Surprisingly, average mercury levels in people from developing and transition countries were twice the levels measured in delegates from developed countries. The difference was statistically significant.

See the Press Release

Chinese: IPEN HgINC1 Hair sampling press release

English: IPEN HgINC1 Hair sampling press release

See the Hair Sampling Analysis Report (English), Chinese , Japanese

Fish Action

During the INC1, IPEN distributed more than 200 samples of perch to delegates in order to highlight the global problem of mercury contamination in fish.

See the IPEN Hg INC1 fish action press release (English)

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