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A Toxics-Free Future


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Actions at INC4

IPEN serves fish snacks to delegates to highlight mercury contamination of foods: 28 June, 2012

IPENers wearing black chefs’ hats decorated with silver beads of “mercury” served fish snacks today to delegates attending the INC4. At the same time, postcards were handed out asking whether the treaty will reduce global mercury releases or if it will actually legitimize continued use, exposure and release of mercury to protect short-term economic interests.

Bjorn Beeler with poster at fish action 2 See the informative postcards handed out to delegates.

Group 2 at fish action

Fish action 38 June INC4 by Bjorn

Honoring Minamata: 27 June, 2012

IPEN started the day by handing out postcards that were created with Japanese Participating Organization Citizens Against Chemicals Pollution (CACP), and which featured a quote from Shinobu Sakamoto from the Minamata Disease Mutual Aid Society / Minamata Disease Victims’ Mutual Aid Society. These cards were handed to meeting delegates as they entered the opening session to remind them of the serious, unresolved mercury issues that still remain in Minamata, Japan, as well as the importance of the negotiations on human and environmental health.

Takeshi Yasuma with Fernando Lugris Zuleica Nycz and government delegate

Gilbert Kuepouo fixing a pin onto a government delegate’s lapel.

Minamata postcard front

Minamata postcard back

Conference variant