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Environment & Public Health Groups Applaud as Sierra Leone Rejects Deal

Beirut, Lebanon. Seattle, USA. January 12, 2016. Sierra Leone just announced that they want no part of a reported deal that would send Lebanese household waste to the West African nation. Last month, the Government of Lebanon approved a plan to export many tons of household trash from Beirut and Mount Lebanon to an African or Middle-Eastern country. The global dumping plan has been denounced by local and international waste experts as not only likely illegal but also environmentally irresponsible.

Despite the opposition, Agriculture Minister Akram Chehayeb, chair of the ministerial committee in charge of the waste management plan, announced that the government has agreed to contract two international companies in accordance with local and international laws to export Lebanon's trash -- Howa BV from the Netherlands and Chinook Urban Mining International of the United Kingdom.

National Public Awareness Campaign

This IMEAP project by IndyACT, an environmental NGO based in Lebanon, describes the extensive awareness-raising activities undertaken by the organisation to facilitate the rapid ratification of the Minamata Convention on Mercury. IndyACT held civil society workshops, engaged with high level government officials and generated extensive media activities to promote ratification of the Mercury Treaty.

Campaign and Media Activities to eliminate Saida Waste Dump

Recognizing the lack of legislation or policy related to waste management in Lebanon, AMWAJ led an on-the-ground and media campaign to create awareness and engage the general public, local and national government officials, and the tourism industry about the environmental and human health issues stemming from uncontrolled dumping. Using the Saida Waste Dump as a focal point for their continuous campaigning, AMWAJ brokered a meeting with local and national government officials to discuss how to eliminate the dump and replace it with a community garden.