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Press Release

Press release from Eco Accord on how the Mercury Treaty will not address mercury pollution.

IPEN and other non-governmental organizations said that a new global mercury treaty is unlikely to reduce mercury releases, and may even result in increased mercury pollution at the close of treaty negotiations today. They also said that the proposed treaty name, “Minamata Convention”, dishonours those who continue to suffer from one of the worst cases of industrial mercury poisoning in the world.

This press release includes comments on the following:

IPEN and Minamata survivor groups also asked delegates to name the treaty the “Mercury Convention”, instead of the proposed name, “Minamata Convention” – a reference to the site of the first well-­‐ documented incident of large-­‐scale mercury poisoning in a human population that occurred more than 50 years ago.

Press release announcing joint mercury monitoring report from IPEN, a global network of public interest organizations, and the scientific research team of BRI.