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A Toxics-Free Future



An Assessment of the Nepal’s Action on Management of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) as identified in the Stockholm Convention`s 2007 National Implementation Plan

Анализа на имплементацијата на националната законска рамка за перзистентни органски загадувачи

Ecosvest POPs Infographic_1   Ecosvest POPs Infographic_3

Actualización del Informe Ciudadano sobre Contaminantes Orgánicos Persistentes en Argentina

Enhancing awareness and participation of local actors and general public on the implementation of the Stockholm Convention in Tanzania

In 2018, Center for Environmental Solutions studied labels and content of 29 plastic toys and children-related products from 12 sales points in Minsk, Belarus. All these products can be easily purchased by consumers in supermarkets, stores, and open markets.

Out of 29 purchased items, 27 toys were tested for concentration of toxic metals and bromine, using XRF-method at Arnika Association in the Czech Republic.

This summary of Plastic Waste Poisons Indonesia's Food Chain provides an overview of the alarmingly high levels of dioxins as a result of plastic incineration. These dioxins are poisoning food networks and the environment. The plastics being incinerated are being imported along with waste papers into Indonesia and other countries, and in Tropodo and Bangun are being used to fuel steam generators used to make tofu.

Durante el mes de septiembre del año 2019, se visitaron 8 parques con juegos infantiles en los municipios de Zapopan y Guadalajara en el estado de Jalisco, México.  

En cada parque se examinaron los juegos infantiles encontrados: columpios, casitas, trenes, juegos para trepar, changueros, sube y bajas, resbaladillas etc. Se documentaron sus colores, estado físico de desgaste de las superficies pintadas y su tipo de sustrato.

In August 2019, 10 playgrounds in Penang and Kedah states in Malaysia were visited. In each playground, painted play equipment (e.g., climbing bars and frames, posts, railings, ramps, rockers, see-saws, slides, swings, etc.) were examined and physical details, e.g., colour of painted surface, substrate type (metallic, wooden, plastic, fiberglass, etc.), and the condition of painted surface (new, old, visible chipping off or flaking) were observed and documented.