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A Toxics-Free Future


Investigations by Samsung Show Irresponsible Chemicals Management and Pollution of Vietnam’s Environment

An unprecedented detailed study of internal investigations conducted by Samsung Electronics reveals irresponsible chemicals management and pollution of Vietnam’s environment. Despite global use and chemical-intensive manufacturing processes, the realities of electronics manufacturing have largely been hidden from public sight. For the first time, a former manager of environmental, health and safety at Samsung has stepped forward as a whistleblower, providing internal documents and photos to the authors of the report. Samsung Electronics dominates the electronics industry in Vietnam where it manufactures appliances and approximately half of its mobile phones globally. 

Lee S, Pham TMH, Kong JO, Hoang TT, Kwon YE, Lee KS, DiGangi J (2024) Investigations by Samsung show irresponsible chemicals management and pollution of Vietnam’s environment, SHARPS, CGFED, IPEN

Download the study below. 

See the press release here.

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