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RAMA Hospital Press Release

The Rama Hospital Press release is a document made and distributed by the Children Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research Center (CSPIPRC) to the press on February 10, 2010, which was the day Ecological Alert and Recovery Thailand (EARTH) held a press conference. The main text of the document briefly reports on the study ‘Risk of Children Exposed to Lead in Paint and the Possible Solutions: A Medical Study of Bangkok Metropolitan’s Pre-School Child Care Centers”. The researchers were Dr. Chantima Jaiphan and Asso. Prof. Dr. Adisak Palittapholkarnphim from CSPIPRC.

Dr. Jaiphan and Asso. Prof. Dr. Palittapholkarnphim conducted the study at 17 out of 293 pre-school child care centers under the administration of Bangkok Metropolitan Office. Of these 17 pre-school child care centers, there were 187 samples taken from paints, toys, food containers, drinking water and its containers, cups, spoons, dust on floor, etc. to detect for lead contamination. The study found that 11 out of 187 samples had lead concentrations higher than the standard level (10 µg/dl) or 58.8 % of the total 17 pre-school child care centers being studied.