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A Toxics-Free Future


Study on the possible effects on Human Health and the Environment in Asia and the Pacific of the trade of products containing Lead, Cadmium and Mercury

This study addresses the data gaps identified in the UNEP Draft Final Review of Scientific Information on Lead and the UNEP Draft Final Review of Scientific Information on Cadmium where they relate to the trade in products that contain lead and cadmium. This study also investigates trade flows for products that contain mercury. In particular the study seeks to address the global trade flows of these products in and out of the Asia and the Pacific region in accordance with decisions 24/3 and 25/5 II of the Governing Council of the UNEP.

The other major objective of the study is to supplement existing knowledge and consolidate the available information on global trade and flow of products containing lead, cadmium and mercury with the intention of providing a basis for further measures to address the impacts of these heavy metals in the Asia and the Pacific region. The analysis of trade, management systems and national initiatives to address mercury, lead and cadmium in products across the Asia and the Pacific region highlights areas of concern where possible environmental and human health impacts from these metals can be identified and strategies developed to address them.

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