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A Toxics-Free Future


Baskut Tuncak Named UN Special Rapporteur on Toxic Substances

Attorney Baskut Tuncak, from IPEN Participating Organization Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL), has been appointed as the new UN Special Rapporteur on toxic substances and wastes. As CIEL reports:

"The position was created in 1995 to monitor the adverse effect of illicit dumping of toxic and dangerous wastes and substances on the enjoyment of several human rights. The scope expanded in 2011 to include not only the movement and dumping of hazardous substances and waste, but the adverse effects of these substances during the entire life-cycle of hazardous products, from manufacturing to disposal.

A member of CIEL's Environmental Health team, Baskut Tuncak is an attorney and trained chemist with extensive experience in environmental health, international chemicals management and governance, and the human rights impacts of toxic risks. Baskut plans to remain at CIEL in completing this role, and will take all necessary steps to ensure independence in the implementation of the mandate."

Congratulations, Baskut! 

Baskut Tuncak