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A Toxics-Free Future

Environmentalist raises alarm over chemicals in Lake Naivasha

IPEN Participating Organization Center for Environmental Justice and Development (CEJAD) is featured in this news story from K24 in Kenya. The story relates to the dangerous concentration of lead in Lake Naivasha, which is likely due to pesticide run-off from nearby flower farms or other agricultural activities in the area. Dr. Tecla Mutia explains that, due to the lead concentration, long term use of the water and its fish could trigger cancer and reproductive health-related complications in users. Lead is a toxic heavy metal and there is no safe level for humans. Griffins Ochieng (CEJAD) explains that negative chemical effects are not always immediately seen in a person's body, but they contribute to a person's overall body burden of haazardous chemcials and can damage a person's health and well-being.

CEJAD has been working on issues related to pesticides use in the Lake Naivasha area, including via trainings for flower farm workers on community monitoring of highly hazardous pesticides.