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A Toxics-Free Future


Govt urged to ban lead pigments

The Daily Observer

Staff Correspondent

Bangladesh Paint Manufacturers' Association (BPMA) has demanded an immediate ban on the import of lead pigments and dryer, which will encourage the medium and small manufacturers to begin producing lead-free paints.
BPMA Secretary Md Shamsuzzaman also welcomed the collaborative initiative of green activist group - Environmental and Social Development Organisation (ESDO) and IPEN.

He said, "We support ESDO efforts that call for ban on the importation of lead pigments and lead dryer besides making the duty-free alternative raw materials."

A consultation meeting was held in this regard in the city on Tuesday that hailed certification and eco-labelling to encourage manufacturing lead-free paint in the country to protect public health, especially that of children's while protecting environment from lead contamination was given importance.

The meeting further emphasised on providing technical support and introducing third party certification.

Former bureaucrat Syed Marghub Murshed and the ESDO chief chaired the session while Perry Gottesfeld of European Union and IPEN, USA, Md Shamsuzzaman of BPMA, BB Roy Saha, former President of BPMA, Dr Shahriar Hossain and Siddika Sultana of ESDO participated in the discussion.

Lead is a heavy metal which is cheap, easily available, and lustrous and for these characteristics, it is widely used by paint, ceramic, battery, cosmetics and various other products manufacturing companies. The country has about 100 registered and non-registered small, medium and large companies involved in manufacturing paint.