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A Toxics-Free Future


Important pieces missing to safeguard toxic-free material cycles!

IPEN has joined over 20 other networks and civil society organizations in sending a letter to representatives of producers, manufacturers and retailers in the European Union (EU) about EU plans for a circular economy. IPEN and all signatories to the letter believe that hazardous chemicals must be prevented from entering the material flows, otherwise it will not be possible to realize a safe circular economy with non-toxic material cycles. 

The letter highlights recent reports by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and the European Environmental Bureau that show how concerned consumers are about the chemical safety of products and underscore gaps in the EU chemicals, waste and products legislation that must be addressed to ensure that the necessary information on the chemical contents of all constituent components of products reaches the waste handling, recovery and recycling industries.

The letter also provides messages that we feel trade federations must disseminate to their respective members about a safe circular economy.

Read the entire letter here