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A Toxics-Free Future


IPEN Global Newsletter about Electronics (January - July 2018)

Photo credit: FSCI, Tajikistan

The most recent IPEN Global Newsletter, presenting information from January - July, 2018, focuses on electronics and chemicals. The newsletter opens with a message from IPEN's Senior Science and Technical Advisor, who reminds us that electronics production is chemically intensive, using more than a thousand chemicals and other materials (many of which are hazardous). This causes harm to workers and communities in production, exposes consumers to toxic chemicals during use, and releases toxics chemcials when products become e-waste or when plastics used in electronics are recycled into new products


The newsletter includes highlights and stories related to electronics from around the world. All contributions were provided by IPEN's Regional Coordinators and Participating Organizations, working together for a toxics-free future.

Please see the newsletter in the following languages:

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