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IPEN joint press release on provisional decision to ban production and use of the flame retardant HBCD

IPEN, Pesticide Action Network and the Global Indigenous Peoples Caucus released a joint press release at the culmination of the Stockholm Convention's COP6 congratulating governments for their provisional decision to globally ban production and use of the commonly-used flame retardant, HBCD.

"We applaud countries for their decision to ban this chemical and not to allow the recycling of products containing it," said Dr. Mariann Lloyd-Smith, IPEN senior adviser. "This will prevent materials containing HBCD from being recycled into new products and protect people from contamination that would otherwise cause serious damage to their health."

To read the entire release, as well as IPEN's Quick Views on the Stockholm Convention COP6 and other information about IPEN's participation in the meeting, visit our COP6 page.

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