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A Toxics-Free Future


IPEN Participates in the 2015 World Social Forum

Semia Gharbi at round table discussion in Tunis.  

At the 2015 World Social Forum, held in March in Tunis, Tunisia, Semia Gharbi, from the organization Association d'Education Environnementale pour la Future Génération (AEEFG), IPEN's Regional Hub for the Middle East & North Africa, organized a presentation on the activities of IPEN, its goals for a toxics-free future, its relationship with the human right to a healthy life, and an overview of chemicals in general. Various IPEN publications were distributed. The presentation was one of hundreds of events held during the Forum, and was conducted as a round table discussion with participants from Tunisia, Egypt, Germany, and other countries. 

Additionally, Ms. Gharbi presented a powerpoint about gender and chemicals at a workshop hosted by Women's Major Groups (WMG). "The WMG is self-organised and open to all interested organisations working to promote human rights based sustainable development with a focus on women’s human rights, women’s empowerment and gender equality. The role of the Women’s Major Group is to assure effective public participation of women’s non-governmental groups in the UN policy processes on Sustainable Development, Post 2015 and Environmental matters." The presentation introduced the ways that people can come into contact with chemicals, where toxic chemicals are found, and the potential adverse effects on women's health. 


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