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A Toxics-Free Future


IPEN Participation in a seminar on PCBs and other POPs treatment technologies

IPEN representatives Lee Bell and Fernando Bejarano were invited by the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment to participate in a two-day seminar on the treatment of PCBs and other POPs. Mr. Bell gave a presentation on behalf of IPEN on the latest developments in non-combustion technologies for POPs treatment. He encouraged the Brazilian government to adopt these innovative technologies which meet the Stockholm Convention criteria for best available techniques / best environmental practices (BAT/BEP) and avoid the dioxin pollution associated with POPs disposal through incineration and cement kilns. Mr. Bell and Mr. Bejarano also met with Brazilian NGOs concerned about the fate of PCBs from tens of thousands of electrical transformers in Brazil. The Stockholm Convention requires that PCBs are destroyed in an environmentally sound manner and Brazil is assessing technology options for this activity as part of their National Implementation Plan.

See Lee Bell's presentation here