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A Toxics-Free Future


IPEN Releases Toxic Toy Store Catalog

IPEN has released a Spring 2017 Catalog for its Toxic Toy Store booth at the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conferences of the Parties currently underway in Geneva, Switzerland. The exhibit booth highlights IPEN and Partner documents, and also displays toys from around the world that IPEN tested to determine potential toxic ingredients. The same toys are included in the mock Toy Catalog, and the specific results for the toys and information about the effects of the hazardous chemicals found within can be found in two new IPEN reports: POPs Recycling Contaminates Children's Toys with Toxic Flame Retardants and Toxic Industrial Chemical Recommended for Global Prohibition Conatminates Children's Toys. Short-chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCPs), decabromodiphenyl (DecaBDE) and hexachlorobutadiene (HCBD), which were found in some of the toys, are recommended for listing in the Stockholm Convention.

See the catalog here

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