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The LEAD Group launches a new web site, ‘Lead Safe World’

Media release – Saturday 26th October 2013

Who’s contributing to a Lead Safe World?


The LEAD Group, environmental NGO, is pleased to announce the launch this weekend of a new web site, ‘Lead Safe World’ (, in partnership with Evo Building Products, the National Painting & Decorating Institute of Australia (NPDI), Aussie Painters Network, Home Painters Info and Lead Safe America Foundation.

The new site is part of The LEAD Group’s Lead Safe World Project – and its major contribution to the World Health Organization’s Inaugural International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action 20-26 Oct 2013. “The site will promote lead safety actions everyone can take, rather than being a broad-ranging archive of information about the history of lead, the health effects of lead, sources of lead contamination, etc., as our existing web site is (,” says Elizabeth O’Brien, President of The LEAD Group.

“The Project will assist in the promotion of products and services which are lead-free or lead-safe, or which remove lead from the body, or from a lead-polluted site,” she says.

“Companies and products which help manage lead poisoning and lead contamination will be easily-identified by Logos: ‘Lead free’, ‘Lead safe’ and ‘Lead away.’

“Our existing web site will remain a tremendous source of information”, says Ms O’Brien, “but this new site will concentrate on solutions: preventing lead poisoning and contamination and removing lead contamination or lead from the body, all in one convenient, concentrated ‘package’ of information, companies, and products.”

“We are inviting partnerships with organisations and companies with appropriate solutions to lead problems, lead-free products and lead-safe services, to join us.”

Ms O’Brien also announced the launch of a 2014 Lead-Safe World Calendar, for sale at - each month of the year is illustrated by a winning art entry on the subject of lead safety.

The Vol 14 No 1 issue of LEAD Action News went online today too, at, and lists some of the media coverage of the WHO Lead Week of Action in 17 countries, including the USA.

Despite Australia being the world’s largest lead exporter, every level of government, every agency, every politician has left marking the Week of Action in Australia, up to The LEAD Group and its Lead Safe World Partners.