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Minamata Disease survivor, Shinobu Sakamoto, calls for an end to pollution at UNEA3

A new video has been released by UN Environment at the 3rd Meeting of the United Nations Environment Assembly featuring Minamata Disease survivor, Ms. Shinobu Sakamoto.

Shinobu calls for an end to pollution: "The fetal Minamata disease patients including myself are getting worse, year by year. Many people are still suffering and struggling from pollution. Today, I must repeat my message--Minamata disease is not over. Pollution must end."

Prior to her participation in COP1, Shinobu launched the Honoring Minamata Campaign at the Mercury Treaty INC2, together with IPEN and Citizens Against Chemicals Pollution, Japan. Learn more about Shinobu’s story.

The video is the result of a collaboration between Shinobu’s team, who attended the first Conference of the Parties (COP1) to the Minamata Convention in Geneva, UN Environment and IPEN.