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A Toxics-Free Future


New Report from Toxics Link on Single Use Plastic

A new report by Toxics Link, "Single Use Plastic: The Last Straw" dives into the growing problem with plastics use. Single Use Plastic (SUP), often referred to as disposable plastic, is manufactured with the aim of using only once before disposing or recycling. With shorter product life SUP has been identified globally as one of the key contributors to marine pollution and the most found items in global beach clean-ups. The report captures current practices, impacts, alternatives and regulations of SUP. The study attempts to understand consumer behavior and perception on single-use plastic and identify the barriers in reducing single use plastic waste in India. The study also looks closely at the informal recycling of SUPs in Delhi, Indian biggest plastic waste market and tries to identify the non-recyclable SUPs and the economics of plastic recycling.

Based on the findings, the study recommends a list of SUPs which should be on the priority for phase down or phase out. The report also documents some of the best practices nationally and internationally.