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New Report on Waste Trade in the Philippines

EcoWaste Coalition and Greenpeace Philippines have released a new report "Waste Trade in the Philippines: How Local and Global Policy Instruments Can Stop the Tide of Foreign Waste Dumping in the Country". The report investigates the laws, the policies, and the shortfalls that have allowed illegal waste into the Philippines and also "legal" waste for which the country lacks an infrastructure capable of protecting the health of people and the environment.

Greenpeace Philippines writes:

The blurred lines between “legal” and illegal waste trade have turned the country into the world’s waste bin, this is the conclusion of a new policy report on waste trade launched today at the Philippine House of Representatives. The report, co-published by Greenpeace Philippines and EcoWaste Coalition, details policy gaps that potentially make illegal waste trade into the country seem legitimate. The groups are calling on the Philippine government to ratify the Basel Ban Amendment and for Congress to pass into law a total ban on waste imports.

“Waste trade has been a perennial challenge in the Philippines,” said Party-List TGP Representative Jose Teves, Jr., “To fully solve this problem, we need to look at not just how current policies may be improved, but we need to take advantage of international policy instruments, such as the Basel Ban Amendment, as well as enact into law a strong waste trade ban.”

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