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A Toxics-Free Future


Stories from the Clean Room

For information about global screenings of Stories from the Clean Room and to watch the trailer, click here. 

The National Assembly in Seoul, South Korea has paid meaningful attention to the hazardous conditions in the semi-conductor industry by hosting Supporters of Health and Rights of People in the Semi-Conductor Industry (SHARPs) and IPEN for a premiere of the new documentary film, "Stories from the Clean Room.” In preparation for the film premiere, IPEN Senior Science and Technical Advisor Joseph DiGangi, PhD wrote an article that appeared in the Korean media outlets OhMyNews and MediaToday. The main purpose of the article was to introduce the international concern about toxic exposure and occupational health and safety that has been generated by the deaths and grave illnesses of former Samsung workers.

Many workers have been seriously injured or killed working in electronics production around the world but the victims are largely invisible to the global users of computers, mobile phones, TVs, and other electronic products. That is why IPEN decided to collaborate with SHARPS and put a human face on this public health crisis in “Stories from the Clean Room.” The film provides vivid testimony from 21 former workers, spouses and parental survivors. Han Hye-kyung, who appears in the film, is dedicated to preventing future harm from toxic chemicals used in electronics; “They did not protect me and we should never let them do it again…I really hope not to see victims like myself anymore.”  

After the film showing, media outlet Hanyoreh reported: “Lee Hak-young, chairman of the Democratic Party Euljiro, said, "The democratic party and the Euljiro committee will be with you, recognizing that human life is more important than corporate profit.”

Read Dr. DiGangi's article here

See a leaflet for the film premiere here

People who appear in the film (in alphabetical order):

구성애  Samsung semiconductor, systemic lupus erythematosus

김경희  Mother of the late Jo Eun-ju (Samsung LCD, hemophagocytic lymphocytic histiocytosis)

김미선  Samsung LCD, multiple sclerosis

김미연  Samsung Semiconductor, Choriocarcinoma

김보미  Samsung Semiconductor, Chronic Renal Failure

김성교  Hynix semiconductor, malignant lymphoma

김시녀  Mother of Han Hye-kyung (Samsung LCD, Brain Tumor)

김은숙  Samsung semiconductor, thyroid cancer, child's congenital disease

박명규  Mother of the late Lee Eun-ju (Samsung Semiconductor, Ovarian Cancer)

박민숙  Samsung semiconductor, breast cancer

박종순  The mother of the late Kyung Seok (LG Display subcontractor, brain tumor)

신효선  Samsung semiconductor, brain tumor

오가영  Hynix Semiconductor, aplastic anemia

유정     Samsung Semiconductor Partners, Chronic Kidney Disease

윤용환  Samsung Semiconductor, Leukemia

이지영  Samsung semiconductor, brain tumor

이해철  The father of the late Lee Eun-ju (Samsung Semiconductor, Ovarian cancer)

이혜정  Samsung semiconductor, systemic sclerosis

이희진  Samsung LCD, multiple sclerosis

임진숙  Wife of Jin Kim (Magnum chip semiconductor, leukemia)

정말숙  The mother of the late Yoon Eun-jin (Samsung semiconductor, leukemia)

차주석  The mother of the late Park Hyo-soon (Samsung Semiconductor, malignant lymphoma)

한혜경  Samsung LCD, brain tumor

황상기  The father of the late Hwang Yumi (Samsung Semiconductor, Leukemia)