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Toxics Link Report: Lead in Paints in India 2018

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Toxics Link has released a report detailing the lead content in paints in India for 2018. 

"Lead, a toxic heavy metal has been used in household and decorative paints for many years. Its wide usage has bought many human and environmental health hazards to notice. Being a cumulative toxicant, it causes Lead Poisoning in humans, thus accumulating in the body and targeting specially our neurological system, putting young children and pregnant women at a higher risk.

Considering the quantum of health impacts, the issue has been addressed globally and many countries have phased out lead from their paints. India decided to bring in the regulations very recently, i.e. in November, 2016 with maximum 90 ppm lead content in paints. However, even before the regulations were notified many leading brands voluntarily adopted 90ppm limit.

Even though the leading brands had shifted, the Small and Medium scale Enterprises (SMEs) are still a matter of concern for the country. Thus, this study was conducted to assess the compliance of lead in paints regulation by SMEs and to check the level of awareness among the consumers and the paint retailers."