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New Issue of Women and Environments International Magazine on ASGM

Many IPEN partners are featured in the new issue of the Women and Environments International Magazine on Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining: Women and Health.

Amongst other articles in the magazine, IPEN Co-Chair Olga Speranskaya writes about women leading the fight against the largest mining plant in Russia, the Tominsky MPP plant, owned by a Russian copper company. The company is currently destroying protected forests to clear land and build the mine. Activist scientists at the forefront of this movement describe a domino effect of environmental impacts that threaten to make the populated region uninhabitable.  

Click this link to read the issue:

The issue includes the following articles:

  • Battle for Life: Women Lead the Fight Against the Largest Mining Plant in Russia by Olga Speranskaya
  • Violence on the Land, Violence on our Bodies: Building an Indigenous Response to Environmental Violence by Helen Lynn
  • Women and Mercury in ASGM: the Beauty and the Beast by Yuyun Ismawati Drwiega
  • Women Pay the Cost of Mercury Pollution in ASGM in Migori, Kenya by Griffins Ochieng, Richard Kiaka and Aron Kecha
  • Mercury Justice Now:Updates from Grassy Narrows by Meagan Dellavilla
  • Joy to Kids Affected by ASGM Poisoning: Inspiring Young People by Veronika Podobed
  • Hydragyrum Poetry by Suzanne Farkas