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Plastics, Plastic Waste, and Chemicals in Africa
New Video: Plastics Poisoning Our Health
Promoting Stronger Protections on Chemicals at BRS COP
How the UNEA Plastics Resolutions Relates to Chemicals and Health
Plastic Poisons the Circular Economy
Plastic Waste Fuels: policy spreads toxic trade across Asia

In addition to being an IPEN Steering Committee Member, Yuyun is also IPEN's Lead on Artisanal and Small Scale Gold Mining.

The Asian Lead Paint Elimination Project Partner Newsletter for February, 2014 is now available, and contains news about partners' progress in developing lead regulations, as well as information about the new chemical control order in the Philippines and more.

IPEN Participating Organization EcoWaste Coalition lauded the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for promulgating a Chemical Control Order (CCO) prohibiting lead in decorative paint above 90 parts per million (ppm), the protective goal for lead in paint recommended worldwide by IPEN.

IPEN Steering Committee Member Yuyun Ismawati was prominently featured in this New York Times article:

January 2, 2014

(Photo by Kemal Jufri for the NY Times)

Small-Scale Gold Mining Pollutes Indonesian Lands


CISITU, Indonesia — In the remote mountains of West Java, workers like 15-year-old David Mario Chandra are an integral part of Indonesia’s gold industry.

IPEN members have participated as observers in the work of the Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Review Committee (POPRC) since its inception. The POPRC is a subsidiary body to the Stockholm Convention established for reviewing chemicals proposed for listing in Annex A, B, and/or C.

Eighteenth meeting of the POPRC, 26 - 30 September, 2022


Seventeenth meeting of the POPRC, Online, 24 - 28 January, 2022

Sixteenth meeting of the POPRC, Online, 11 - 16 January, 2021

The Persistent Organic Pollutants Review Committee met virtually to discuss important additions to the chemicals listed in the Stockholm Convention. While IPEN is deeply disappointed that a decision on the flame retardant declorane plus (DP) was deferred, the committee decided to move forward on UV-238 and methoxychlor.

Read IPEN's press release

Fifteenth meeting of the POPRC, Rome, Italy, 1 - 4 October, 2019

IPEN and colleagues POPRC team in Rome

IPEN has convened an international panel of independent experts from the fields of fire safety, chemistry, policy, and remediation to present at this side event. The panel also offers the third in a series of papers about PFAS chemicals: sources of contamination, implications for public and occupational health, safe alternatives, and remediation.

This flyer provides for more details.

Time: Wednesday, 2nd October, 12:45-13:45
Location: FAO Headquarters, Philippines Room
Organized by: IPEN

Fourteenth meeting of the POPRC, Rome, Italy, 17 - 21 September, 2018

IPEN Co-Chair, Pamela Miller (front), and IPEN Advisors participate in the POPRC.

Vilma Morales Quillama, Peru, speaks to Joe DiGangi, IPEN Senior Advisor. Photo by Earth Negotiations Bulletin. 

Thirteenth meeting of the POPRC: Rome, Italy, 17 - 20  October, 2017

Twelth meeting of the POPRC: Rome, Italy, 19 - 23 September, 2016



Mariann Lloyd-Smith giving intervention at POPRC12 (Photo by John Wickens)

Ninth meeting of the POPRC: Rome, Italy, 14 - 18 October, 2013

Fifth meeting of the POPRC: Geneva, Switzerland, 12 - 16 October, 2009

Fourth meeting of the POPRC: Geneva, Switzerland, 13 - 17 October, 2008

Global Report Finds High Levels of Lead in Paint

Cover of Lead Global Report

A new 2013 report from IPEN and UNEP documents high levels of lead in paint in nine countries. IPEN Participating Organizations in Argentina, Azerbaijan, Chile, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kyrgyzstan, Tunisia, and Uruguay collected paint samples for total lead content testing. With the exception of ten samples from the Ivory Coast, all of the paints purchased and tested were enamel decorative paints. See the results in the Global Report Annex 1 (below).

The release of this report coincided with the International Lead Poisoning Prevention week of action, 20 - 26 October. Please read about IPEN activities during the week HERE.

Global Report: Lead in Enamel Decorative Paints

Executive Summary of the Report (in all six UN languages)

Annex 1: Country by Country Data

IPEN Press Release | UNEP Press Release


Joe DiGangi

Agrees to incorporate climate change impacts in toxic chemical evaluation

Rome, Italy — A UN expert committee recommended global action on pentachlorophenol – a pesticide used for wood treatment including utility poles. The Committee justified its recommendation for the Stockholm Convention due to pentachlorophenol’s persistence, bioaccumulation, long-range transport, and its toxic impacts. Governments around the world will decide on the recommendation in 2015.


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