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A Toxics-Free Future


Addressing Lead Poisoning Exposure Problem in Ownio Uhuru Slums- Mombasa (Part II)

To ensure that the residents of the Owinu Uhuru slum (Kenya) could protect themselves from dangerous smoke emitted from a local lead metal recovery factory, Eco-Ethics conducted an all encompassing campaign that included sample collection, awareness raising, community organizing, and mobilizing direct action. With the results of sampling showing high levels of lead contamination in blood, air, soil, and water, the community was mobilized to demand action from the factory officials concerning lead poisoning. The resulting actions spurred recognition of the problem and empowered the community to understand their collective power to demand change.

Owino Uhuru slums lead battery recycling factory smokestackChildren near mud house in sector 4 of the study areaBernards Okeyo from Eco-Ethics International collecting water samples from the study area