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A Toxics-Free Future


Be Conscious of Mercury Effects

JVE Cote Divoire conducted an awareness-raising campaign to educate workers, governent officials, and the general public about the risks of mercury exposure from human activity in the country. These activities include mining, burning of e-waste and medical wastes, and the use of cosmetics containing mercury. This was done in four phases: First, workers most at risk to mercury exposure were convened and educated about objectives of the project and the means used for its realization. Second, JVE organized a two day training course with these workers to instill a strong understanding of exposure risks and mercury effects. Third, a sensitization campaign was undertaken in seven towns using a variety of communication methods including print, radio, and video media. Fourth, a press conference was organized at the Ministry of Environment in order to give the results of the awareness campaign on mercury organized in the country. More than 10,000 people received direct information about mercury from target groups. From this work, JVE issued specific recommendations about legislation options, community organization actions, and what members of the general public could do.

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