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BFRs in Russia

Brominated flame retardants in the Russian Federation.

Since two brominated flame retardants (BFRs) have been proposed for addition to the Stockholm Convention (pentaBDE and octaBDE), this project activity sought further information on these substances in Russia. The study sampled air and dust in offices, residential rooms, computer rooms and sewage sludge, and sent the samples for measurement of pentaBDE, octaBDE, decaBDE, pentabromobiphenyl, octabromobiphenyl, and decabromobiphenyl. The data shows PBDE levels ranging from 16-840 ng/g in dust. High levels of the polybrominatedbiphenyl family were found in offices and residential rooms. Finally, all isomers of PBDEs were found in sludge of wastewater treatment facilities at levels ranging from 50-840 ng/g sludge. This is only the second study to measure BFRs in Russia and the first to measure the substances in computer rooms.

Second study of BFRs performed in Russia and the first to examine computer rooms
Monitoring study of BFRs in air and dust in a variety of media
Dissemination of project results to NGOs and government authorities