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A Toxics-Free Future


Capacity Building Workshop CEE

Capacity building workshop "Persistent Organic Pollutants and Waste and Chemicals Policy" and its follow-up activities.

The main part of this project activity was an initial capacity-building workshop and two follow-up meetings for NGOs in the CEE region. Topics included basic materials about POPs, NGO participation in National Implementation Plans (NIPs), inventories of by-product POPs, non-combustion technologies, pollutant release and transfer registers (PRTR), chemical policy in general, and waste management. These materials helped prepare NGOs to carry their own public awareness-raising campaigns in their home countries. An important part of the meetings were discussions about closer cooperation within the CEE region on topics related to POPs. The meetings established a core Regional Hub team to help evaluate IPEP project activities in the region. Follow-up meetings helped add new countries to the IPEP project including Hungary, Croatia, Albania and Estonia.

Capacity building workshop on POPs for NGOs in the CEE region
Two follow-up meetings with NGOs in the region (Czech Republic and Hungary)

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