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A Toxics-Free Future


Conducting of a Seminar called “Very dangerous, obsolete pesticides: Towards the removal of endosulfan” and lobbying before the national authorities

Altervida, working with Pesticide Action Network in Latin America (RAPAL) and IPEN, organized and conducted a national seminar, held at the National Congress, which focused on policies towards highly hazardous and obsolete pesticides. Attended by various stakeholders (250 participants representing NGOs, international experts, indigenous groups, workers, and government officials), the seminar created awareness about the need to promote a policy for the progressive phase out of highly hazardous pesticides. Most importantly, there was also an announcement of the phase out of endosulfan by the authority Servicio Nacional de Calidad y Sanidad Vegetal y de Semillas (SENAVE) to cancel all imports and exports, ban aerial spraying, ban use in vegetables and fruits and have a gradual phase out in big crop extensions until a complete ban in 2012. Extensive media coverage promoted awareness of the event. In addition, the seminar has to led to greater awareness about the uses of alternatives to pesticide and more sustainable agricultural models.

Javier Souza speaking at Altervida's seminar

Group shot of presenters at Altervida seminar