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A Toxics-Free Future


Dioxins and Informal Sector in Senegal

Inventory of some informal sector activities releasing POPs in Senegal.

This activity examined informal sector practices leading to formation and release of unintentionally produced POPs such as dioxins and furans. The study identified and described several potential sources of dioxins and furans including artisan smelting plants; lead extraction from motor vehicle batteries; burning of wastes; iron extraction from tires; and smoking of skins. Recommendations for POPs reduction and elimination include improved public awareness in the informal sector; better understanding of informal sector contribution to dioxin releases; assessment of local populations for POPs contamination; and alternative cleaner technologies and livelihoods. The results of the study culminated in the making of a short documentary film on DVD for public awareness-raising.

Report: Inventory of some informal sector activities releasing POPs in Senegal
Documentary film on the subject illustrating the results of the study

Pesticide Action Network (PAN)