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A Toxics-Free Future


Environmentally Sound Waste Mgt in Armenia

Environmentally sound waste management.

AWHHE presented policy positions on waste management to governmental decision makers responsible for solid waste management in Armenia, and they participated in public hearings on solid waste management. A seminar and a roundtable with participation of representatives of governmental authorities, local residents and non-governmental organizations were organized. Issues of solid waste management in Armenia including alternatives to incineration were discussed. Special attention was paid to the elimination of dioxin sources in Armenia and employing a zero-waste approach and sustainable waste management. The third part of the activity focused on preparation and distribution of informational materials including booklets, posters and newsletters on POPs sources in Armenia and their impact on human health and the environment, including working with media, meetings with governmental authorities and community members. Appeals to authorities on matters of addressing the problem of solid waste management, the need to use alternatives to incineration and a zero-waste approach were prepared. AWHHE participated in the preparation of a documentary on solid waste impact on human health and the environment. The documentary will be shown on Armenian national TV. AWHHE also participated in a live TV program on solid waste management.

Summary report on activities
Meeting with government officials
Seminar and roundtable discussion on waste management
Preparation of booklets, posters and newsletters on POPs sources
Preparation of documentary on solid waste
Dissemination of materials and participation in live TV program

Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment (AWHHE)