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A Toxics-Free Future


GDA in South Africa

Global day of action on POPs in South Africa.

The objective of the Global Day of Action held on April 22, 2005, was to raise awareness about IPEN's "Keep the Promise" campaign for the implementation of the Stockholm Convention and the issues to be addressed at COP1, just ten days later. The activity raised awareness of POPs, their sources and effects, and the need to take action among the public, government, NGOs and other parts of civil society. Activities included distribution of information to civil society on incineration and cement kilns; health and environmental effects; opposition in other countries; alternatives and action that can be taken by communities to stop incineration processes; preparation and dissemination of information pamphlet on cement kilns; pollutants released and their problems; and alternatives.

Dissemination of POPs information to NGOs and the public
Press releases and media articles