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A Toxics-Free Future


Health and Enviro Problems w POPs in Benin French

Awareness-raising on POPs for health and environmental protection.

This activity aimed at reducing POPs production and use in agriculture and in informal services for health and environmental protection. The study identified supply sources of POPs pesticides and surveyed farmers regarding health effects. Educational materials on POPs pesticides were prepared and disseminated to farmers along with information regarding phytosanitary laws and environmental management. Awareness-raising workshops were held in the Zou-Collines town hall with representatives of farmers' organizations, school officers, NGOs, extension workers and municipal advisers. Local radio stations were also used for broadcastings on POPs issues.

Report on activities (summary in English and full report in French)
Preparation and dissemination of awareness-raising materials

Organization Béninoise pour la Promotion de l'Agriculture Biologique (OBEPAB)