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A Toxics-Free Future


Impact Assessment of Electronic Waste Handlers and Livelihood in Lagos, Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the largest importers of e-waste in Africa. In this project, Sustainable Research and Action for Environmental Development (SRADev) undertook a general impact assessment of the effects of this e-waste on workers. The project succeeded in creating a national database of the levels of risk associated with the e-waste, forming an NGO model for e-waste management, and creating awareness material that conveyed best handling practices. Research methods included interviews with trade representatives, workers at every stage of the supply chain, community organization leaders, and government officials. SRADev also visited contaminated sites, including direct observation of the toxic fumes coming from Lagos’ biggest dumpsite, Olushosun. Following this initial research, a stakeholders "sensitization" workshop was held that introduced government, labor organizations, community and media, to the threat of used e-waste to human health.


A poster highlighting this project was later created for the 3rd International Conference on Chemicals Management. 

Olushosun dumpsite contaminating the environment