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India Country Situation Report

Country situation report on POPs in India.

This report was developed by Toxics Link India to address the dearth of national POPs data and includes information about country-levels of POPs, POPs sources and measures to address them. General-as well as detailed-information and charts on POPs prevalence and use in India is included in the report. Production units, illegal imports and stockpiles of obsolete pesticide stockpiles are identified. Unidentified stockpiles of unused POPs, PCB use in the electricity sector, use of recycled oil containing PCBs, the PCBs from Indian ship breaking industry, dioxins and furans generated from incineration, cement factories, PVC units, biomass and open burning and pollution pathways are all identified as causes for concern. The report documents continuation of these activities despite a ban on seven Stockholm Convention-listed POPs pesticides, minus DDT, which continues to be used in vector control. The Convention ratification process, enabling activities and measures for POPS elimination are discussed. The report is useful for NGOs and academics in policy discussions, public awareness and can help prepare for a meaningful role in NIP preparations.

Country situation reports for contribution to NIP processes

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