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A Toxics-Free Future


Information and awareness-raising on mercury meant for government, NGOs, professional organisations and the press

Association d'Education Environnementale et de Protection des Oiseaux au Maroc (SEEPOM) led an awareness-raising campaign about the domestic sources of mercury and the hazards they pose to human and environmental health. The campaign used several techniques to accomplish their objectives, including focused press releases and television interviews, development of informational brochures that detail health impacts of mercury, and intensive reach out and networking with other NGOs and influential governmental officials. Following these activities, SEEPOM also organized a national level workshop with the major stakeholders to discuss the domestic and international issues relating to mercury and the health of the community. Focusing primarily on existing and potential Morroccan policy, this workshop succeeded in defining the current status of mercury both at the national and international level as well as defining the issues related to the production, uses, emissions and alternatives of mercury. With the awareness-raising campaign followed up by the workshop, SEEPOM succeeded in promoting national and international action to implement sustainable mercury solutions in order to protect health and the environment.

Participants at SEEPOM's national workshop


SEEPOM mercury brochure (front)


 SEEPOM mercury brochure (back)