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A Toxics-Free Future


Infosfera GDA

Global day of action on POPs in Russia: Identification of banned and unauthorized pesticide stockpiles in the Moscow region.

Infosfera explored the village territory and nearby areas for information on obsolete pesticides jointly with teachers and schoolchildren in three villages. They found that the storage facility for obsolete pesticides and fertilisers in Lipitsa village had been cleaned under the "Clean Earth" program. However, the storage facility for agrochemicals in Selino village still exists (bags with mineral fertilizers are stored there-overall about 120 tons). The bags are ruptured and chemicals lay in heaps, mixed with soil. Rainwater easily enters the storage facility and washes toxic substances out. The storage facility is used by local boys who play in the facility and take fertilizers away. In the course of their raids, children found that the fertilizers are washed out by rainwater and melt water to the ground and the Oka River. Finally, the participants identified a large number of illegal waste dumps.

Survey of three villages of obsolete pesticides and waste dumps
Inventory data collection on condition of storage facilities and dumps