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A Toxics-Free Future


IPEP Lysa Milovice

Milovice and Lysa nad Labem: two POPs hotspots in Central Bohemia.

There are two POPs hotspots located in the agricultural region northeast from the Czech capitol Prague: a hazardous waste incinerator in Lysa nad Labem and a hazardous waste stockpile site Milovice. The hazardous waste incinerator is situated on the northern border of the town Lysa nad Labem on the hill, Sibak, 600 metres from the nearest house in that town. The hazardous waste stockpile site near Milovice is located in a former military base area and became contaminated as a result of abandoned hazardous waste incinerator construction, where tons of hazardous waste containing PCBs, dioxins and DDT were stored for 10 years. This report characterizes both sites and describes their health and environmental consequences.

Report: Lysá nad Labem-hazardous waste incinerator and POPs waste stockpile in Milovice

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