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Jordan Country Situation Report

Country situation report on POPs in Jordan.

The activity, conducted by the Badia Revival and Environmental Protection Society, conducted research and produced a national country situation report about POPs in Jordan. The report featured detailed information on POPs including discussions of nine POPs pesticides, PCBs, unintentionally produced POPs by-products such as dioxins and furans, other industrial chemicals, uses and effects of POPs, and an overall assessment of the state of POPs in Jordan. The study identified sources and users of POPs; identified inventories and stockpiles, and documented and identified types and sources of equipment and transformers in a number of regions throughout Jordan that contain PCBs. The report also explained what national studies related to POPs have been conducted (such as the Malaria Control Program and use of DDT) and what actions overall have been taken in Jordan as they relate to POPs. Methodology included a review and examination of national reports, national studies and actions. The report also provided a table of legal procedures and mechanisms available to address POPs, focused on the important role of NGOs and outlined a priority action list to deal with POPs in Jordan, with identification and control of stockpiles and PCBs topping the list.

Country situation report on POPs in Jordan

Badia Revival and Environmental Protection Society