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A Toxics-Free Future


Junkdealers and POPs

Training and creating awareness among junk dealers about POPs present or created in their premises and to understand the importance of minimizing POPs.

There are numerous POPs in the storage and stockpiles of junk shop owners (kabaris) in New Delhi and surrounding areas. POPs are harbored in pesticide cans; industrial containers; plastics with brominated flame retardants (BFRs) that have POPs characteristics; and old PCB-containing electrical equipment. Copper coated PVC wires are burned to extract the copper, but release dioxins in the process. Pesticide containers contain residues that drain into the soil and come in physical contact with handlers. A survey was conducted among junk dealers to see determine what POPs they come in contact with most. Copper wires were seen to be the main concern, as most junk dealers received such wires and the thin wires/scraps of wires were usually burned. A series of workshops were held with the junk dealers, where alternate practices of PVC plastic removal from wires were highlighted and exchanged. In all, 202 junk dealers were trained. The trainings impact will be furthered with the concept of neighborhood checks.

Increased awareness among junk dealers of presence of POPs in their materials
Improved handling of POPs-laden materials

Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group