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A Toxics-Free Future


Lagos Lagoon and POPs

Assessment of the Lagos Lagoon for POPs sources, types and impacts.

The activity aimed to assess the Lagos lagoon as a suspected POPs site receiving enormous wastewater from an estimated 2,000 significant industrial users, small industrial users, commercial establishments and domestic sources. The study revealed that 47.6% of the surveyed facilities had potentials to release POPs due to their activities, the greatest sources being the generation of dioxins and furans through uncontrolled incineration at dumpsites, including the use of polyvinylchloride (PVC) resins. The NGO recommended that in view of the enormous environmental, public health and economic burden of POPs especially in developing countries, it is imperative that NGOs, CBOs and governments develop the necessary legislation for the regulation and control of POPs reflecting the requirements of the Stockholm Convention, while making provision for effective enforcement.

Survey questionnaire on industrial practices surrounding the Lagos Lagoon
Report: Assessment of the Lagos Lagoon for POPs sources, types and impacts

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