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Lindane in Hungary

Lindane in Hungary.

Lindane was nominated to be included on the POPs list under the Stockholm Convention at the Conference of the Parties to the Stockholm Convention in May 2005. Due to this proposal, there is a need to collect the available/new information about Lindane from different countries to raise awareness and knowledge about this dangerous and widely used chemical. After the restriction of DDT in the 1970s, Lindane (and other types of HCHs) became the most general insecticides in Hungarian agriculture. Hungary started to produce this substance in 1966, under the trade name: "Hungária." It became so popular that two companies produced it in the 1990s in the amount of many thousand tons. Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) collected available information from ministries, authorities, scientific institutes and from local NGOs about Lindane. The collected information included production from the past and formulation, import, prior uses, disposal, storage facilities, contamination of the environment and humans (official data and NGOs blood tests), and information on pesticide and biocide legislation related to this issue.

Report: Lindane in Hungary

Clean Air Action Group (CAAG)