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Mali Country Situation Report

Country situation report on POPs in Mali.

The activity aims to evaluate the Malian situation in terms of POPs, to bring awareness-raising and decision elements to NGOs and actors involved in the Stockholm Convention implementation, and raise awareness in the population about the Malian situation on POPs and hazards related to POPs. The report outlines POPs sources and uses, the implementation process, existing legislation related to POPs, and POPs problems and proposed solutions. In addition, ADESCOM organized a workshop on POPs for NGOs and government officials that included the Stockholm Convention Focal Point. The meeting called for successful implementation of the Treaty, noting the threat as a humanitarian issue and invited the government to shift environmental, sanitation, agricultural and industrial policies to be consistent with the Stockholm Convention.

Country situation report on POPs in Mali

Association pour la Défense de l'Environnement et la Sensibilisation des Consommateurs (ADESCOM)