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A Toxics-Free Future


Mercury Country Situation Report by Armenian Civil Society Sector

Armenian based NGO Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment (AWHHE) undertook a project to produce a Mercury Country Status Report for Armenia. Their investigation into mercury pollution has contributed important information to the national efforts to develop an inventory of mercury pollution sources and contaminated sites which they have been able to share with key stakeholders and the public. AWHHE has been able to present the findings of this project to the Armenian national committee that is preparing for ratification of the Mercury Treaty (AWHHE represents civil society NGOs on the committee) including data on mercury contamination from industrial operations, waste dumps and obsolete pesticide dumps. Preliminary information suggests mercury contamination of the airshed in some population centers in proximity to mining and metal production facilities. Mercury contamination of some fresh food products was also reported. Positive findings include an absence of the use of mercury amalgam in dentistry in Armenia (even though no ban is in place), a ban on mercury based pesticides and complete replacement of mercury-based blood-pressure monitoring devices (sphygmomanometers) with mercury-free devices. This IMEAP project has relevance to Articles 4, 8, 9, 11, 12, 16-18 and 20 of the Mercury Treaty.

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